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Wheel alignment services for autos and trucks


Using advanced alignment equipment, our auto specialists will first measure if your front wheels are parallel to each other and positioned at the same location relative to your car's suspension. Based on these computerized measurements, we then perform any adjustments (i.e., adjusting the angles of the wheels) to restore your vehicle's alignment to factory-set specifications, or at least a close to as possible to them. PF Automatic routinely performs alignment services for all makes and models.



Benefits of a proper and professional alignment:

Minimize wear and tear of your wheels

Consume less fuel, as your tires will exert less power

More control of your steering wheel

Increased overall auto safety


When should I require an alignment?

After experiencing the following symptoms:

Your vehicle is tugging to the right or left when driving

Your car dips forward when braking

Your steering wheel is not straight while on a level road

Your steering wheel or seat vibrates

Uneven or unusual tread wear 

You a hear a squealing from your tire(s) while turning


After installing or replacing the following:

New tires

Steering and suspension  









PF Automatic Transmissions is an automotive service center specializing in transmission repair and general mechanical services. Based in Montreal.

Complete alignment service for only $69.99 (before taxes).

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